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The quality of peering, for the price of Transit

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For an increasing number of organisations, the Internet is the lifeline that ties everything together. Good quality Internet has become a primary requirement to make the organisation run, and yet, this dependency on the Internet has also proven to be fragile.

Organisations with typically less then 10Gbps traffic tend to be stuck in the middle in terms of further improving the quality of their Internet. NL-ix Transit however might just be the solution you are looking for!

The quality of peering, for the price of Transit
NL-ix Transit increases the quality of connectivity, whilst providing full insight into all your Internet traffic.

The words I use to describe our NL-ix Transit service are ‘effortless optimal routing’.

Vincent Bourgonjen - Network Engineer @ NL-ix

Effortless optimal Routing

NL-ix Transit is a product that combines Peering and Transit on just one single port and joins the routes of multiple services together into a single routing table for the customer, resulting in optimal routes. Interested in finding out how that works?

Interconnection Portal
One of the most distinctive features of NL-ix Transit is that actual traffic routes of your traffic are visible through our innovative Elastic Transit Manager: a web interface that offers complete control and insight into (historical) internet traffic. It provides a detailed overview of latency, bandwidth and routes, which allows you to solve problems that lie outside the traditional company network much faster.

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