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All NL-ix locations are seamlessly interconnected over our low latency European fabric, offering coast to coast premium Pan European Interconnection


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Be the Internet

These days the cloud delivers virtually all infrastructure, platforms, services and applications. But getting the fastest, most reliable cloud access is an ongoing headache using plain old Internet access. And it gets worse the more cloud services you add. Some people try to tunnel ‘around’ or ‘over’ the Internet to improve their cloud access, but this is expensive and complex and, in the end, it’s impossible to sustain or scale.

We believe the answer is simple. Go to the root of the problem and take charge of the Internet itself. Run you own AS. Ensure low latency by leveraging the NL-ix network and tools, and making your interconnections as elastic as your cloud services. Free yourself up to interconnect with more service providers in more markets and more datacenters. Take control of your transformation.

It’s easy, tried and tested. It’s also cost-effective and future-proof. Ask us how we can help you take control of your cloud by being the Internet.