About us

The Internet platform behind millions of businesses.

20 years ago we started NL-ix and decided to not only connect the main datacenters in the large hubs but also bring our IX to the doorstep of regional datacenters. By doing so we offered smaller and medium-sized networks easy access to our Peering platform. This gave birth to our distributed Internet Exchange.

We quickly recognised that our customer interconnection needs stretched beyond public Peering alone, and developed a complete portfolio of interconnection services. This meant that as well as Peering we could also offer partial & full Transit as well as inter-datacenter Transport services on a single port.

A key factor in this of course was, and still is, our resilient low-latency network that made the instant Europe-wide exchange and transportation of traffic possible. Today our complete portfolio is directly available in over 100 datacenters in Europe. Our portfolio of services and real-time tools continues to grow; NL-ix Transit is now a hybrid IX/IP service giving customers the best of both worlds; Elastic Interconnect is a complete suite of interconnection services for enterprises; and our cloud connections continue to grow, giving customers complete control of their Cloud and SaaS connectivity.

Be the Internet

As digital transformation has gathered pace and workloads and transactions have shifted to the cloud, we have found that more and more businesses want to make the move from being an Internet ‘user’ to becoming part of the Internet. How else can they reach their end-users and customers, enable workers at home and on the move, and plug in, power and protect their business-critical apps?

As a business with 20 years of experience in bringing networks together, we can help organisations of all sizes make this transition. We know the Internet inside out, and after all these years we still love it. Which is why “be the Internet” is our vision, both for us and our customers. It summarises the ambition we have: to help customers become a part of the Internet, enjoy all the advantages this brings, and take control of their Digital Future

Part of a Platform

The NL-ix platform is part of the Internet's core infrastructure. At NL-ix this means that you are in control, in the driver's seat. And if something is as mission critical as the Internet, isn't that where you want to be?

Part of an Infrastructure

We take our network extremely serious. We constantly work to improve it, to make it more resilient, faster and more cost-effective. To give you the best possible reach, we have designed our infrastructure to unlock and connect European Metropolitan areas as well as all European traffic gateways.

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Part of a Community

We love the Internet. We love it for it's fascinating technology and the endless possibilities it brings our clients. In any way we can, we support non-profit initiatives that strengthen and improve the Internet, because we understand that boosting the Internet is boosting your opportunities.