About our Network

The largest distributed Internet exchange in the world

Our Network: The core of everything we do.

Our network is the heart of the Internet's core infrastructure. It is also the core of everything we do and as such of paramount importance to us. To build it as fast and resilient as technically possible and to keep it cost effective at the same time is a never ending challenge. And as true technicians we ❤️ a challenge.

Be the Internet
Being a part of the Internet is not an option anymore. It is a necessity. This has always been the case for our long-standing customers for whom the Internet has always been their core business like ISP's, Content Networks, MSP's and Network Service Providers.

Nowadays being a part of the Internet is also a need for enterprises and other organisations for whom the Internet is perhaps not their native playground. We can help all of these businesses achieve their aims. Although we are an Internet Exchange we do not stop there. We have a full portfolio of services that enables you to be a complete and integrated part of the Internet.

If you rely on the Internet to run your business, Peering on a major Internet Exchange makes your service faster, more resilient and more cost-effective. To maximise the benefits and continuously enhance performance and scale, you need the lowest possible latency, geographically diverse redundancy, real-time control and seamless access to additional peering and routing opportunities.

Fully meshed low latency network
NL-ix has run one of the world’s leading Internet Exchanges since 2001. In 2022, daily average traffic regularly peaks above 5,5 Tbit/s, making NL-ix the fifth largest Internet Exchange in the world by traffic volume. NL-ix is considered among the top global Internet Exchanges, with a unique focus not just on metropolitan ‘islands of interconnection’ but on a fully meshed international interconnection fabric.

Once connected to a public peering exchange, networks can setup or remove interconnections to other networks without the need to physically re-provision any circuits. Peering on the NL-ix VLAN enables controlled, secure and low latency exchange of mutual internet traffic, giving access to a huge range of local, regional and European networks over a purpose-built, resilient, pan-European layer-2 ethernet fabric, which interconnects ~100 datacenters in the most important European metropolitan markets in 7 countries.

Use Case:

Pick-up the content your users want at the edge of Europe

For networks outside Europe it is sometimes hard to get quality access to content their end-users want. Solving this issue usually entails the costly extension of their network to Europe and connect to one or more exchanges.

The distributed character of the NL-ix platform makes this content available at the very edge of Europe. No matter where you land, whether that is Marseille, London, Frankfurt, Berlin or Amsterdam, all it takes is a single port to gain access to the content your end-users want, cutting out the need for multiple ports with IXP's and transport costs to and from these exchanges.

This acces comes in different flavours, you can either peer at NL-ix, gain acces to ~2.400 peering networks on all major European exchanges or combine these services over a single port.