Network Architecture

Our Network: The Core of Everything we do.

The largest distributed Internet Exchange in the World

The NL-ix pan-European network is the foundation for all services NL-ix offers. What started out as a network covering The Netherlands has grown to an international low-latency network covering all key internet hubs in western Europe.

The NL-ix infrastructure consists of a network of low latency routes that spans Western Europe. This infrastructure centers around core locations in each country that are interconnected internationally. The largest core site of the NL-ix network is in Amsterdam and consists of three core sites. Other international core locations consist of two sites that are redundantly connected to other core locations.

The footprint of NL-ix covers ~100 datacenters located throughout Western Europe. These PoPs are all connected to at least one core location, providing both local presence and optimal network performance.

Physical network
The NL-ix network's backbone uses wavelengths with capacities up to 400 Gbps, which are specifically engineered to comply to the stringent requirements of financial trading and other latency-sensitive applications.

Logical network
NL-ix offers services to its customers based on the operational framework of its logical network. To establish the logical backbone network, NL-ix employs the Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) protocol. OSPF's cost metric determines the routing of packets across devices within the backbone. Within the NL-ix network Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is used to carry customer packets across the OSPF network.

Dual fabric network
NL-ix has been recognized as ‘vital infrastructure’ for the Netherlands. This means NL-ix is obliged to protect its infrastructure against failures and attacks, because of its potential impact on the national economy and safety.

To increase reliability and resilience of the NL-ix network, NL-ix has created a second network fabric that is constructed on geographically distinct fiber routes, utilizing different core datacenters and hardware from different vendors. Making sure that interruptions or attacks on one fabric does not impact performance of the other.

Furthermore, NL-ix proactively monitors the performance and health of our network infrastructure. Through advanced monitoring tools and systems, we continuously monitor key parameters such as latency, packet loss, and overall network performance. This proactive approach allows us to identify and address any potential issues before they impact our customers' services, minimising downtime and ensuring a seamless experience. After all: Latency is Control.