Network Health Monitor

MetroNIDs everywhere!

In a world where the real-time digital engagement of business users, consumers, content & software providers, API’s and partners is of paramount importance, latency is quickly becoming the new currency. That is why NL-ix is constantly striving to get the shortest and fastest connections between the metropolitan areas we are serving.

To monitor these round trip times, we have in all of these Metro’s installed metroNID equipment that in 5 second intervals measure the round trip times over the different paths. The results of these measurements are published real time on our website turning what is a blackbox with most of our competitors into a transparent tool for our customers.

At the NL-ix we value low latency. Therefore we have made the Network Health Monitor, which feeds you live data on Round Trip Delay times on the NL-ix network across Europe, available on our website

Jan Paul Dekker - CTO @ NL-ix

The results are also used by our Network Operating Center; When a round trip time suddenly goes up our Network Operators know they need to investigate, even before real issues might arise.

Currently there are MetroNIDs installed in every metropolitan area we have a presence in. This enables us to measure the latency between all Metro’s. We are planning to extend the placement of the metroNIDs to all Datacenters we are in, giving our customers and ourselves an even better overview of the round-trip times between the metropolitan areas we serve and all Datacenters we are in.