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NL-ix @ events

Ever since 2016 NL-ix has organised yearly events in order to create a platform to offer market people in the industry the opportunity to talk to each other in an environment where business and the exchange of the latest experience and expertise go hand in hand.

Furthermore NL-ix also attends events around the world - Meet us at real life at one of these events. Scroll down for a full overview of all events that we are attending

Overview of events that NL-ix will be attending in 2024

If you are new to NL-ix or want to touch base to learn more about our services, please join us at one of the following events where we can meet each other, ask questions and share ideas

Evening with NL-ix Frankfurt

#nlixevenings - An evening with NL-ix Frankfurt,  is a 100% social event with the sole purpose to meet your Industry peers from the Frankfurt community and beyond. No presentations, just drinks, laughs and meeting new people and old friends and former colleagues.

13-Jun-2024 - An evening with NL-ix Frankfurt

Late Summer Drink

#latesummerdrink - The Late Summer Drink is one of the largest social networking events for people in the interconnection business and takes place on the beautiful beach at Scheveningen. Save the date in you're calendar for the '24 edition!

12-Sep-2024 - Late Summer Drink '24 - Scheveningen, Netherlands