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Let NL-ix help you to get the most out of your connections

Businesses that are serious about digital transformation are moving all of their processes online, but the public Internet is not reliable enough in an API-driven world. The first and most important step to controlling the performance, security and scalability of your company’s interconnected infrastructure is to become your own ISP, establishing your own AS network number with Local Internet Registry (LIR) and IP address assignment.

Once you have your own Autonomous System Number (ASN) you can expand beyond the routes operated by your ISP and work direct with any cloud, application, exchange or Transit provider in a huge range of datacenters locally, nationally or across Europe. AS and IP space registration helps you create a better Internet that you own; one that offers one-to-many opportunities covering all your customer, partner, supplier locations and datacenters.

NL-ix can take care of ASN registration, Local Internet Registry (LIR), IP-space allocation and BGP setup and support. With our help, you can run your own network with ease; connect one party, disconnect another, set latency parameters, manage quality, configure routers and tackle security issues, no matter how large or complex your future interconnection needs.

Because we have gone through the registration and setup process with many customers over the last 20 years and, we can support you all the way, and you are free to move at the pace that suits your organisation.

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