Premium Peering

Zero-hop access to hard-to-get peers

Not every network has an open Peering policy, meaning that they are selective in setting up Peering sessions based on type of network, traffic volume, traffic ratio, network coverage.  If you find your Peering request with a high value network denied, NL-ix has a service which is designed to help.

Premium Peering provides transparent and zero-hop full access to the otherwise un-peerable networks of Liberty Global/UPC (AS6830), DTAG (AS3320) and/or Vodafone (AS1273). Setup paid bilateral Peering sessions (on-net routes) on separate route server instances on the NL-ix fabric. The service comes with guaranteed bandwidth and no packet loss towards these hard-to-get networks.

Key Features

  • Get More from your Port You can optimise the use of your NL-ix port by combining access to multiple Premium peers and/or any other NL-ix interconnect service.

  • Pan-European Access NL-ix operates a purpose-built, resilient, pan-European Layer 2 Ethernet fabric, which interconnects ~100 datacenters in the 15 most important European metropolitan markets in 7 countries. Premium Peering customers can access any of these networks from any point on the NL-ix fabric.

  • Stability, Latency, Transparency Stability and latency are central to the NL-ix offering. We exercise complete control over the design, specification and management of our interconnection fabric, and do not use third party resellers as this can cause resiliency and latency issues. We monitor latency times over key routes constantly. This data feeds directly into our NOC to accelerate response times.  It is also published in real time on our website and feeds into the NL-ix Route Server Configurator functionality.

Product Specs

  • Transparent, zero-hop access to premium networks

  • Shared physical network interface to Premium Peering network, dedicated

  • VLAN rate limited transport (non-overbooked)

  • Route Server announces Premium Peer prefixes (BGP sessions)

  • Traffic via shortest MPLS path

  • Available speed from 100Mbps, access capacity varies depending on selected network

  • Guaranteed bandwidth, no packet loss

Support & Training

New to Peering?  Need help with BGP configuration? NL-ix has been offering training, set up and support for over 20 years. Whether you are a fast-growing ISP or a large Enterprise aiming to become your own ISP, we can give you the support and expertise you need.