Virtual Leased Line

Low-latency virtual MPLS-based point-to-(multi)point

Virtual Leased Line offers dedicated low-latency high-bandwidth capacity on Ethernet, with the resilience of MPLS technology (automatic rerouting). These lines can be used as an extension to private networks as well as a component in complex network topologies. The NL-ix service provides cost-effective managed capacity with a dedicated Ethernet connection between two datacentres with NL-ix PoPs. As well as low latency, this highly flexible alternative to our Wave service offers extremely high availability due to the multiple backbone paths and fast re-routes built into the NL-ix interconnection fabric.

Virtual Leased Lines can be delivered over tagged as well as untagged ports. In case of a point-to-point topology using untagged ports, the services offers max transparency with unlimited MAC addresses, dot.1q-in-q, mac-in-mac, MPLS and jumbo frames.

Technical features

  • Transparant: allows unlimited MAC addresses, dot.1q, q-in-q, mac-in-mac, MPLS and jumbo frames;
  • Secure: delivers a completely private circuit where traffic cannot be seen by other customers or even NL-ix;
  • Any distance: NL-ix hides the distance between endpoints and repeats the signal along the way if needed.

Transport Topologies

Point-to-Point (VLL - tagged or untagged) is a direct connection between two ports in the network

Point-to-Multipoint (multiple VLL - tagged) connects a single location to multiple end-points. Every end-point is connected with it's own VLAN. A single port can be used for the central connection

Cloud (VPLS - Virtual network) topology connects multiple ports on a single VLAN. This allows easy communication between all ports on the VLAN

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Key Features

  • Pan-European PoPs NL-ix operates a purpose-built, resilient, pan-European Layer 2 Ethernet fabric, which interconnects around 100 datacenters in the most important European metropolitan markets. Virtual Leased Line customers can order and connect to ports at any point on this fabric

  • Stability, latency & transparency Stability and latency are central to the NL-ix offering. We exercise complete control over the design, specification and management of our interconnection fabric. We constantly monitor latency times over key routes. This data feeds directly into our NOC to accelerate response times and is also published in real time on our website

  • End-to-End management NL-ix builds, manages and monitors the end-to-end connection for you, offering availability guarantees, and 24/7/365 NOC monitoring and support

  • Flexible capacity You can burst up to your maximum port speed without overbooking on pre-reserved capacity

Use Case:

One Port – Multiple services

NL-ix combines peering, transit and layer 2 transport services over 1 port... enabling you to save money on patch cables and ports and simplifying manageability.

By combining peering, transit and layer 2 transport services over 1 port we enable you to save on the monthly cost of patch cables and ports in use. Multiple services over 1 port also means a single invoice and easer manageability. We also give you more and easier insight into the usage of your port(s) through our improved myNL-ix portal. Through this customer portal you can easily view the usage per service on your ports.

Using NL-ix means lowering your costs, simplified administration and improved insight.