Importance of datacenter locations

And why you might want to reconsider your datacenter back-up location

The main functionality of having two datacenters lies in achieving redundancy, resilience, and continuity of operations for critical IT infrastructure. Previously, Rotterdam was considered as the natural backup location for Amsterdam. However, for geographical reasons you might want to reconsider this.

The Netherlands, being largely below sea level, relies on flood defenses such as dikes, dunes, and engineering structures to protect against water. The country is divided into dike rings, with each enclosed area shielded by a set of dikes. If a dike ring breaks, water from rivers, lakes, or the sea can lead to the flooding of the enclosed area.

Dike Ring 14, the largest of the 53 in total, spans the coast from IJmuiden to Hoek van Holland, passing through Rotterdam, Utrecht, and Amsterdam—the most densely populated part of the Netherlands. In addition to being home to a significant portion of the population, the area within Dike Ring 14 is also the primary location for the majority of datacenters in the Netherlands. The Amsterdam region alone already concentrates about 74% of all Dutch datacenters, comprising a combined data floor space of over 585,000 m2

NL Dike Rings

For organisations looking to diversify their datacenter locations across different risk areas, NL-ix offers assistance in the relocation of all interconnection services from one datacenter location to another. Whether organizations decide to move to a different region or establish connections with datacenters in different risk areas, NL-ix can facilitate the transition, minimizing disruption to services.

Additionally, NL-ix contributes to network resilience by providing the infrastructure for redundant network paths. In the event of disruptions, such as flooding affecting one region, NL-ix enables the rerouting of traffic through alternative paths. This ensures that connectivity is maintained, and data remains accessible.

Furthermore, for those considering relocating datacenters outside the Dutch borders, NL-ix is equipped to help with its pan-European network. With a presence in multiple metro cities/regions, NL-ix enables companies to transfer data quickly and securely through ultra-low latency routes. This international reach provides an additional layer of resilience and flexibility for organizations seeking to diversify their datacenter locations.