Connect to ports anywhere on the NL-ix fabric on MPLS

MPLS VPLS gives you a low-latency, high-bandwidth Ethernet network with the resilience of MPLS (automatic rerouting). Your network can run on multiple backbone paths with fast re-routes and uses a single multi-point VLAN with fully-meshed topology. This way it is very easy to setup and expand a Virtual Network and is very cost-efficient compared to a private line network.

The difference between a VLL and VPLS is that a VPLS connects multiple ports on a single VLAN. This allows easy communication between all ports on the VLAN. The ports are interconnected in an Any-to-Any topology.

VPLS is based on Metro Ethernet which supports standard size ethernet packets with 1500 bytes ethernet packet payload, (and 14 bytes ethernet header plus 4 byte ethernet CRC trailer) which means that dot1.q trunking, Q-in-Q, jumbo frames and MPLS are not supported.

Technical features

  • Connects multiple ports on one VLAN allowing communication between all ports on the VLAN.
  • Metro-Ethernet requires customers to connect only one single MAC address per port, which is enforced using port security.
  • Any distance: NL-ix hides the distance between endpoints and repeats the signal along the way if needed.

Transport Topologies

Point-to-Point (VLL - tagged or untagged) is a direct connection between two ports in the network

Point-to-Multipoint (multiple VLL - tagged) connects a single location to multiple end-points. Every end-point is connected with it's own VLAN. A single port can be used for the central connection

Any-to-Any (VPLS - Virtual network) topology connects multiple ports on a single VLAN. This allows easy communication between all ports on the VLAN

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Key Features

  • Pan-European PoPs NL-ix operates a purpose-built, resilient, pan-European Layer 2 Ethernet fabric, which interconnects around 100 datacenters in the most important European metropolitan markets. Ports can be connect at any point on this fabric

  • Stability, latency & transparency Stability and latency are central to the NL-ix offering. We exercise complete control over the design, specification and management of our interconnection fabric.

  • End-to-End management NL-ix builds, manages and monitors the end-to-end connection for you, offering availability guarantees, and 24/7/365 NOC monitoring and support

  • Flexible capacity You can burst up to your maximum port speed without overbooking on pre-reserved capacity

Use Case:

Virtual presence in major DC’s all over Europe

If you want to provide your services in locations you do not have a presence yet, you know extending your network, can be a costly affair. But if you want to grow your business, one of the things you need to do is to grow your coverage, extend your reach.

The distributed, resilient, stable and low-latency nature of the NL-ix platform is extremely well suited to distribute applications and services and gives you an immediate virtual presence and services provisioning capability in all major European datacenters. For a fraction of the costs it will take you to do it yourself.

The Virtual Leased Line (VLL) and Virtual Network (VPLS) services (or a combination of these) are well suited to provide you with these capabilities. Our specialist can assist you making the right choice for you situation.