Elastic Interconnect

Finally the internet is no longer a black box

Take control of the Internet

‘Digitalisation’ and ‘moving to the cloud’. We’re all involved in the process, and the decisions we make today are fundamental for tomorrow. But how do you know you are making the right decisions? What exactly is the right strategy in a world that is moving so fast? Obviously, no one knows the future. But when it comes to internet, one thing is certain: speed and flexibility will always remain highly valuable elements.

For end-users interested in best-class Internet services as well as Cloud Connect and/or Saas Connect services, NL-ix offers a unique integrated service called Elastic Interconnect. Elastic Interconnect takes the uncertainty out of the Internet, tailoring a range of connectivity services to your needs.

Elastic Interconnect gives you the freedom to make the architectural adjustments needed to support digital transformation without changing the basic architecture of your business network. For flexibility and scalability, different levels of bandwidth are available that grow when you need them. The flexible and scalable foundation of Elastic Interconnect, combined with full network visibility and traffic segmentation capabilities, lets you unlock the ‘black box’ of the Internet and take complete control.

By combining SD-WAN and Elastic Interconnect from KPN and NL-ix, we are at the forefront of security, quality and agility. This forms a good and important basis for the innovative power that Continuum Global Solutions brings to the market for our customers.

Remco Kortekaas - Continuum

Traffic segmentation (slicing)

One of the most distinctive features of Elastic Interconnect is its ability to segment the Internet traffic before the traffic enters the corporate network. The 'Trusted Traffic Slice', creates a separate connection for networks that are important to your organisation and allows different “policy domains”. Traffic in the Trusted Traffic Slice is completely separated from 'normal' Internet traffic. This part of the traffic is therefore much less susceptible to DDoS attacks. In addition, these ports cannot be scanned from untrusted networks.

Placing a network in the 'Trusted Traffic Slice' is easily done by the click of a button in the intuitive Elastic Interconnect Manager ICON. ICON offers its members a point click, ready tool through a web interface and offers complete control and insight into (historical) internet traffic. It provides a detailed overview of latency, bandwidth and routes taken per Traffic Slice. This allows you to solve problems that lie outside the traditional company network much faster

Elastic Interconnect Manager ICON

Anti DDoS

Clean IX is a powerful service for DDoS mitigation, and it is constantly improved to keep ahead of the latest attack techniques. Normally the problem is detected and solved in a matter of minutes, well before the customer even sees it. If a customer is under attack, the attacked traffic is scrubbed clean and then re-routed back over a separate VLAN to the customer.

Clean IX is a cutting-edge collaborative anti-DDOS service offered by NL-ix and supported by NaWas, the anti-DDoS service provided by NBIP.

Setup support

The first and most important step to controlling the performance, security and scalability of your company’s interconnected infrastructure is establishing your own AS network number with Local Internet Registry (LIR) and IP address assignment. Because we have gone through the registration and setup process with many customers over the last 20 years and, we can support you all the way, and you are free to move at the pace that suits your organisation.

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