Elastic Interconnect

Redefining Cloud and Internet Connectivity for Enterprises

Take control of the Internet

In today's digital era, 'digitalization' and ‘cloud' are buzzwords everyone's talking about. However, making the right decisions in this rapidly evolving landscape can be challenging. At NL-ix, we understand that in an uncertain future, speed and flexibility will remain invaluable.

Elastic Interconnect, an innovative offering by NL-ix, seamlessly combines top-tier connectivity services with comprehensive traffic control and visibility to support your digital transformation journey.

Elastic Interconnnect provides:

  1. High-quality connectivity - reaching an impressive 95%* of your organization's public internet traffic within a single hop
  2. Secure Traffic Segmantation - safeguarding important traffic against potential threats and ensuring uninterrupted operations.
  3. Integrated Private Cloud Connectivity - integrate private cloud connectivity with all major CSP’s into a unified connectivity solution.

*Based on real traffic analyses

By combining SD-WAN and Elastic Interconnect from KPN and NL-ix, we are at the forefront of security, quality and agility. This forms a good and important basis for the innovative power that Continuum Global Solutions brings to the market for our customers.

Remco Kortekaas - Continuum

Traffic segmentation (slicing)

One of the most distinctive features of Elastic Interconnect is its ability to segment the Internet traffic into three distinct ‘slices’: the 'Public’, Trusted’ and ‘Private’ slices. This allows for segmentation of traffic with networks that are crucial to your organisation. Making your network less susceptible to cyber attacks.

Controlling your preferences is easily done in the intuitive self-service portal ICON. ICON simplifies complex BGP tasks, providing a point-and-click tool through an intuitive interface. Gain control and insights into your internet traffic, including live and historicaldata, latency, bandwidth, and route details.

Elastic Interconnect Manager ICON

Anti DDoS

Clean IX is a powerful service for DDoS mitigation, and it is constantly improved to keep ahead of the latest attack techniques. Normally the problem is detected and solved in a matter of minutes, well before the customer even sees it. If a customer is under attack, the attacked traffic is scrubbed clean and then re-routed back over a separate VLAN to the customer.

Clean IX is a cutting-edge collaborative anti-DDOS service offered by NL-ix and supported by NaWas, the anti-DDoS service provided by NBIP.

Setup support

The first and most important step to controlling the performance, security and scalability of your company’s interconnected infrastructure is establishing your own AS network number with Local Internet Registry (LIR) and IP address assignment. Because we have gone through the registration and setup process with many customers over the last 20 years and, we can support you all the way, and you are free to move at the pace that suits your organisation.

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