The symbiosis of Peering & Transit

How to turbocharge your transit with the quality of peering, without the need to invest

If Internet is at the core of your business, the quality of your IP-connectivity is of ever growing importance. Still, many networks with typically less than 10 Gb/s traffic only use one or two transit upstreams.

Adding peering to this mix would improve the BGP routes, with fewer dependencies, more stability, more control and more backup, resulting in a better quality of service for your customers. But for most of these networks this step is just too big. The investment in an extra flat fee peering port and negotiating peering agreements with networks and setting up BGP routes, will just not pay-off.

Specifically for those networks we have created an integrated service that combines the best of the transit and peering worlds, providing routes with the quality of peering, plus the global reach of IP transit. We call it Adaptive Transit, the symbiosis of peering and transit.

Adaptive transit extends your reach to ~2.400 Peering networks via single hop routes, typically covering 80% of your traffic. The remaining 20% of the traffic will be covered by a mix of tier one transit providers. All delivered over one, easy to set up port.

The associated product of this Use Case is Adaptive Transit