SaaS Connect

Just like the internet, but private

Better performance, security, reliability

SaaS Connect creates a connection between a SaaS provider and its end-users that is higher-performance, more secure, and more reliable. Data is routed exclusively over the NL-ix low-latency backbone over a dedicated private connection. This means that users of SaaS Connect can steer clear of all other networks. The private connection bypasses the public Internet so it is not reachable or findable from the internet, keeping hackers out.

For organisations / end-users
Getting SaaS Connect is easy: you can connect in any of the >100 NL-ix datacenter PoPs. Because of our large footprint, we are probably already present in your organisations datacenter, or very nearby. NL-ix is datacenter-neutral and works with a wide variety of datacenter operators, making it easy to switch and saving you from datacenter lock-in.

As well as SaaS Connect, you can add other services on the same port. These can be services to connect with private clouds, other SaaS providers or advanced Internet services such as Peering and Transit. Configuring multiple services on a single port saves on monthly patch and port costs.

For SaaS providers
SaaS Connect is specifically designed for SaaS providers to offer them the best possible (faster, more secure, more reliable) connection with their customers.

In essence, SaaS Connect is a 1-to-many transport service that creates a dedicated private connection to the application without the need for physical private lines or other cost and labour-intensive solutions. All traffic flows are combined on a single port, but on different VLANS, allowing different policy domains if required.

The basic premise is that all customers interested in the service are allowed to connect via SaaS Connect to the applications. NL-ix processes the customer orders and gets them up and running on the service. Therefore, no configuration changes are required when new customers are added tot the service.

Available SaaS providers
SaaS provider Available Regions
E-Zorg Verbinding Netherlands
KPN Backup Enterprise Netherlands
KPN Sip-X Netherlands-East
Nawas Anti-DDOS Nawas Netherlands
Nawas Belgium
Nawas Denmark
Topology SaaS Connect
SaaS Connect Topology

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NL-ix SaaS Connect advisor: Jelmer Knuivers

Use Case:

Data Back-up

Organisations increasingly embrace off-prem back-up services with multiple repositories. For the simple reason of protecting their data assets, but also driven by law enforcements such as GDPR.

For the Data Back-up provider, SaaS Connect provides customers a private connection without the need of physical rental lines or patches. This increases the business flexibility, because you can easily move to another datacenter, without complex migrations. Moreover, to activate this service you just refer to NL-ix.

The end-user has the ability to securely send (sensitive) data, commonly from their own datacenter and without the need of expensive rental lines, making it more performant, secure and reliable.