Cloud Connectivity

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Cloud Connect & SaaS Connect

Organisations all around the world are increasingly dependent on cloud-based applications. The way most organisations connect with these SaaS-applications won’t come as a surprise: by using the public Internet. The Internet is a well-proven way to reach any application, regardless of where it runs. It almost always works, and it has almost unlimited capacities.

However, the Internet is "Best Effort" and comes with risks and dangers, like unexpectedly high latencies, unpredictable routes, and cyber-attacks, undermining performance and making organisations that depend on the Internet vulnerable.

This is why, for mission-critical applications or applications carrying sensitive data, it is necessary to create a dedicated route that bypasses the Internet.

Cloud Connect SaaS Connect
Type of Cloud Workload in datacenter Software-as-a-Service
Cloud Location Single geographical location Geographically dispersed
Dedicated transport VLAN Yes Yes
Bypasses public Internet Yes Yes
Dedicated path Yes Yes