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No challenge too big for NL-ix!

As enterprises digitally transform, migrating their processes to a multi-cloud fabric, their private ‘upstream’ networks (links to the multi-cloud, to other networks and apps on the Internet, and between central and third-party datacenters) become more complex. PoPs proliferate and traffic levels increase, and much of this traffic is mission-critical. Migrating to this new dispersed multi-cloud environment requires far higher levels of redundancy (and lower levels of latency) than most enterprise architectures currently provide.

Custom Network is a bespoke NLix design and build service that solves these complex challenges and allows you to digitally transform with confidence. Rather than simply buying off-the-shelf components to reach the cloud and hoping for the best, we give you control of uptime, latency, security, reach and cost, making you an active player in the Internet rather than a passive consumer.

Our approach

One of our Network Architects will work with your team to assess your current and future needs, creating a resilient multi-layered design which maps to and integrates with your current footprint.

There is no consultancy fee. Once agreed, all that the customer pays for is the network elements. 

There is also no lock-in. Because NLix has such a broad portfolio and footprint we can generally design and build a custom solution with unparalleled levels of performance and redundancy using NLix ingredients. However, if you have sites beyond the NLix footprint these extensions can easily be implemented through third parties.

Your Custom Network gives you complete transparency and control over your connections to:


  • A local core with dedicated capacity (using e.g. wavelengths)

  • A European WAN between any datacenters (using e.g. MPLS)


  • API access to your service for third party (extranet) networks in a one-to many controlled way

  • Private networks interconnections (PNIs) to partners in other datacenters


  • Direct controlled access to 2.400 peerable networks and apps via any Internet Exchange in Europe

The (rest of the) Internet

  • Public routing to the rest of the Internet and to trusted peers


Our cloud connects will let you control the movement of your workloads up to the front door/s of the cloud.  Because of NLix’s network reach and design these are not single connections and therefore prone to failure or poor latency. Connections can be made at multiple cloud provider PoPs. In addition, our dual backbone network fabric means that your connectivity can be run over two completely separate fabrics.


Two-way device access, i.e. access to Digital Enterprise Touchpoints (IoT devices) on third-party networks as well as access to devices on your network for IoT service providers (e.g. security cameras, alarm systems, building management systems)

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NL-ix Founder: Jan Hoogeboom