Science Park

New optical fibers to create campus model of Amsterdam Science Park

The Amsterdam Science Park is widely recognised as the birthplace of the Dutch Internet. Its strategic location has made it an important hub for Internet traffic. As the demand for faster and more efficient Internet services continues to grow, NL-ix is committed to ensuring that its customers are well-prepared for the future.

To meet this objective, NL-ix has invested in the latest networking technology, specifically the 800G port capacity. This technology is not only the most cost-effective but also the most energy-efficient, making it an ideal choice for customers who are looking to scale their Internet infrastructure. NL-ix has enabled over 20 datacenters in the Metro Amsterdam area with the 400G and 800G technology, ensuring that its customers can keep pace with the rapid changes in the industry.

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Amsterdam 800G Network

A big step for NL-ix, a giant leap for Amsterdam

NL-ix' investment in this technology is not only a win for its customers, but it's also a boost for Amsterdam as a whole. The city has long been recognized as one of the major Internet hubs in the world, and NL-ix' commitment to investing in the latest technology will enable it to maintain its position. In addition, NL-ix plans to roll out this technology to other major European cities, such as Frankfurt, London, and Marseille.

The new campus model

One of the biggest challenges faced by NL-ix in implementing this technology was to do so without having to completely overhaul the existing network. To overcome this challenge, NL-ix developed a plan to create a third core location at Amsterdam Schiphol next to the already existing core locations at Science Park and Zuid-Oost. With these core locations in place, NL-ix can provide high-quality services to all the datacenters in the region.

NL-ix' investment in the Amsterdam Science Park has been particularly noteworthy , as NL-ix has created its own campus model, which has over 4000 fibers, that simplifies and accelerates the speed of the delivery of services to datacenters in the area. NL-ix works closely with organisations such as Surf and Nikhef, participating in innovative projects and delivering connectivity locally to these institutions.

“The whole team at Flexoptix is super proud of being recognized and awarded as NL-ix‘ preferred supplier for optical universal transceivers. With their inherent universal reconfigurability, NL-ix’ already existing universal optical transceivers - as well as the new ones to be purchased - are always ready for NL-ix‘ next networking move. Now at 400G and 800G together with Nokia. Futureproof, reusable and a bit greener by intention - whilst saving money and reducing stock levels for transceivers. We‘re looking forward to the next deployments with the NL-ix team.“

Rene Fichtmueller, Aspirant Optician @ Flexoptix