The natural datacenter backup location for Amsterdam

From mid-May onwards the Nokia 7750 PF will be taking over the reins. The upgrade takes place at the NL-ix datacenters of Interxion and Equinix. The first major customer to connect with the new system is 'Hetzner' with 400G.

Frankfurt: the natural datacenter backup location for Amsterdam

In recent times, Dutch companies and (semi-) governments have been rethinking their backup strategies for datacenter redundancy. While Rotterdam was previously considered as the natural backup location for Amsterdam, more and more are now opting for Frankfurt. This shift is due to the strategic and geographic advantages that Frankfurt offers.

As both Amsterdam and Rotterdam are situated below sea level, Frankfurt offers a strategic advantage over Amsterdam and Rotterdam. With its higher ground and reduced risk of flooding, Frankfurt provides a more secure location for data backups, ensuring the utmost protection against natural disasters.

But that's not all! Frankfurt's status as Germany's financial center brings with it a well-developed infrastructure, making it an ideal hub for datacenters.

To ensure seamless connectivity and efficient data transport between Amsterdam and Frankfurt, NL-ix, plays a vital role. NL-ix has a presence in both cities, enabling companies to transfer data quickly and securely via ultra-low latency routes. Moreover, NL-ix offers redundancy through its A and B fabric, with the B-fabric physically separated from the primary network for increased resilience.

Frankfurt's emergence as a backup location for Amsterdam's data networks is a game-changer for the industry. With our flexible and reliable network, NL-ix is well-positioned to meet the growing demand for redundancy in data networks.

The technological transformation

The technological transformation in Frankfurt is in full swing! In mid-May, NL-ix embarked on a significant upgrade to meet the increasing demand for bandwidth. The new Nokia 7750 PF routers took charge at the NL-ix datacenters of Interxion and Equinix, paving the way for a more advanced and efficient network. Notably, 'Hetzner' became the first major customer to connect with the new system, benefiting from 400G speeds.

The upgrade also included a significant expansion of the backbone to 2x 1,2 Tbps, ensuring a seamless experience for all users. This upgrade marks a significant milestone for Frankfurt's technological development. With a focus on less emissions per MB and high performance, the NL-ix upgrade in Frankfurt to the new Nokia 7750 PF routers and the expansion of its backbone will bring Frankfurt's internet infrastructure to an even more advanced level.