When every millisecond counts

If it is about Interconnection... we know the fastest way.

For enterprises and other organisations, today the Internet is more important than ever before and it will be even more important tomorrow. It has become a permanent fixture in nearly all aspects the way you do your business with your customer. And when it is about interacting with that customer, online, every millisecond counts. It is all about getting the most out of your well designed and expensive digital touch-points

When it is about the Interconnection with that end-user you want to be in control. You need to be in control. You want to be absolutely sure you are reaching your end-user over the shortest and therefor fastest and safest path possible.

As a part of the Internet Core Infrastructure that is our expertise. That is what we have been doing over the past 20 years. Connecting networks in the fastest, safest and most flexible way possible. But we can not only help you improving your connectivity towards your customers, we can also give you insight in and control over that extremely important flow of traffic.

Elastic Interconnect is the integrated solution for organisations that want a solid foundation for their digital transformation. That understand that a secure, fast and flexible connection with their end-customers and hybrid-workforce is essential. That know that the quickly growing number of business critical SaaS applications and API's in use, needs a business agile approach where security, bandwidth and connectivity is handled on the fly.

Elastic Interconnect offers all this and adds a software layer that gives you an integrated and complete real time insight in and control over all traffic. It adds the ability to segment and slice public traffic into different streams that can be handled accordingly. It also enables you to consolidate and bring all private traffic (Cloud Connects, Datacenter Interconnections) under the same architecture and segment it from public traffic streams.

The associated product of this Use Case is Elastic Interconnect

Public and Private traffic consolidated

The technical foundation of Elastic Interconnect offers a single technical foundation to bring all public & private traffic under control within the same architecture. Private connections, such as Cloud Connect, Private Network Interconnect and Datacenter Interconnect, are separated from public traffic by means of network segmentations.

Flexibility and scalability

Elastic Interconnect provides a comprehensive range of interconnectivity services that move with the needs and demands of the organisation’s business connectivity. Without changing the basic architecture of the business network, traffic can easily be shifted between the different slices. For flexibility and scalability, different levels of bandwidth are available that grow with customer needs.

Real-time insight in and control over traffic flows

All of the above features are supported by the Elastic Interconnect Manager: an online portal where all knowledge accumulated over the past 20 years is condensed to give customers the ability to see and control all their interconnection traffic in terms of slices, flows, latency, bandwidth, destinations etc.