TeleHouse Bulgaria

TeleHouse Bulgaria has partnered with NL-ix to bring Balkans and Middle East Asia closer to Western Europe.

NL-ix and TeleHouse Bulgaria are joining forces in order to improve the interconnect environment in the Balkans. The Partnership will enable operators from the  Balkan, Middle East and the Caucasus region present Sofia and Bucharest to improve IP connectivity by enabling peering with major EU, Asian and Global content, ISP and Eyeball networks . Using Telehouse’s network as an  interconnection  gateway to the NL-ix’s Pan-European peering fabric, customers in Bulgaria, Romania, the Caucasus region and ME will be able to cost efficiently shorten the AS hops and RTDs to significant amount of the internet routes generated by 580+ ASNs, generating ~7Tbps of traffic over the 400G ready network of NL-ix.

Telehouse Bulgaria

Besides the technical advantages, customers will be able to significantly minimise costs at the same time

TeleHouse Bulgaria, which provides a full range of data transmission, IP and co-location  services for Telco, and business customers, operates primarily in the Balkan regions and are headquartered in Sofia. The company offers Internet connectivity via its robust (100G ready backbone)

Providing interconnect and peering services to 580+ networks, generating ~7Tbps of traffic over a network spread across 95 PoPs in 15 metros of 7 countries, NL-ix is among the 2 largest IXPs in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Marseilles and Frankfurt.

Using a single connection/port to the distributed (VPLS) network of NL-ix via Telehouse customers can peer with all connected ASNs despite the distance between their  ports.

Using the unique NL-ix Route Server-configurator peers can set-up peering and manage traffic with 90% of the NLix members within a few clicks, ensuring max amount of prefix reach and traffic redundancy.

Besides improving the EE, ME and Caucasus regions customers’ IP connectivity the joint venture between  TeleHouse Bulgaria and NL-ix is aimed to compliment the most mature CE and WE interconnection environment by bringing even bigger number unique peers.