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Increased performance and predictability

The NL-ix Heritage

The NL-ix heritage as an Internet Exchange provides NL-ix with direct connectivity (and therefor extremely low latency) to ~2.400 networks including cloud providers, partner networks, SaaS-applications, end-users, etc. over the resilient NL-ix network. Analysis of multiple Corporate Enterprises has learned us that due to this reach, typically ~95% of an organisation’s total traffic is delivered straight into the destination network (single hop).

NL-ix offers complete transparency geographical and alternative routes used and constantly monitors the performance of these routes and publishes the real-time results for complete transparency.

Traffic slicing
One of the most characteristic features of Elastic Interconnect is the ability to segment the Internet into two (or more) network segments. Segmenting traffic logically as well as physically shields important trusted traffic from less trusted traffic. A DDOSs attack over one slice doesn’t affect the traffic of the other slice.

Public and Private traffic consolidated
The technical foundation of Elastic Interconnect also offers a solution to bring all private traffic under control within the same architecture. Private connections, such as Cloud Connect, Private Network Interconnect and Datacenter Interconnect, are separated from public traffic by means of network segmentations.

Flexibility and scalability
Elastic Interconnect provides a comprehensive range of interconnectivity services that move with the needs and demands of the organisation’s business connectivity. Without changing the basic architecture of the business network, traffic can easily be shifted between the different slices. For flexibility and scalability, different levels of bandwidth are available that grow with customer needs.

Real-time insight in and control over traffic flows
All of the above features are supported by the Elastic Interconnect Manager: an online portal where all knowledge accumulated over the past 20 years is condensed to give customers the ability to see and control all their interconnection traffic in terms of slices, flows, latency, bandwidth, destinations etc.