Certifications and Memberships

NL-ix has consistently maintained high standards of quality and security. The ISO9001 and 27001 certifications reflect our commitment to meeting global standards for quality management and information security.

Furthermore NL-ix is a proud member of PeeringDB and MANRS, two well-known organisations that promote the development and improvement of the Internet's infrastructure.

The infrastructure provided by NL-ix is recognised as vital infrastructure, and it adheres to the strict KPN security CISO standards. This means that NL-ix's services are designed and operated with the highest levels of security in mind, ensuring that their customers' data and information remain safe and protected at all times.

Part of a Platform

The NL-ix platform is part of the Internet's core infrastructure. At NL-ix this means that you are in control, in the driver's seat. And if something is as mission critical as the Internet, isn't that where you want to be?

Part of an Infrastructure

We take our network extremely serious. We constantly work to improve it, to make it more resilient, faster and more cost-effective. To give you the best possible reach, we have designed our infrastructure to unlock and connect European Metropolitan areas as well as all European traffic gateways.

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Part of a Community

We love the Internet. We love it for it's fascinating technology and the endless possibilities it brings our clients. In any way we can, we support non-profit initiatives that strengthen and improve the Internet, because we understand that boosting the Internet is boosting your opportunities.