Network improvement overview

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Lowering Latency and Improving Resilience Between European Hubs

  • New sea cable link lowers Copenhagen-Amsterdam latency by 36%

  • New low-latency back-up route Dusseldorf-Amsterdam

  • Two new ultra-low latency ‘trader’ routes London-Amsterdam and London-Frankfurt

  • Berlin now connected with 3 routes (Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf)

  • Doubled capacity to Marseille

We will keep you in the loop about more improvements on our network.

Copenhagen to Amsterdam
The most recent route, between Amsterdam and Copenhagen, uses the new Cobra sea cable between the Netherlands and Denmark, reducing RTD Copenhagen-Amsterdam by 36%, from 14 milliseconds (ms) to 9 ms. At the same time a third 10.2 ms RTD physically separate backup route has been added to improve resilience. NL-ix has experienced significant growth in Copenhagen in recent years, becoming the first exchange to break the 100 Gigabits per second (Gbps) mark in 2018, and operates from the Interxion, Adeo and GlobalConnect data centers.

Dusseldorf to Amsterdam
New diverse low-latency routes have also been added in Dusseldorf, bringing Round-Trip Delay down to 3 ms to Amsterdam with a 3.7 ms backup and improving redundancy to Frankfurt, with 2 x 200 Gigabits per second connections at both ends, creating an exceptionally robust interconnection point. In Dusseldorf NL-ix operates from the Interxion, TeliaSonera and Level3 data centers.

London to Amsterdam, London to Frankfurt
New ultra-low-latency routes have also been added between London and Amsterdam and London and Frankfurt, speeding up traffic and improving cross-channel diversity. The new routes,are known as ‘trader routes’ due to their popularity with the high-speed trading community. RTD on the new routes is under 8.6 milliseconds from London to Frankfurt and 6 milliseconds from London to Amsterdam. The London data centers from which the new NL-ix links are available from Telehouse and Equinix data centers.

From Amsterdam, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt to Berlin
NL-ix has extended its network to Berlin with direct routes from Amsterdam, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt to Berlin, each connecting a different Datacenter (IPB, Speedbone, NTT) with an added optic ring connecting the three DC’s.

Move to Interxion MRS2 and doubling the capacity to Marseille
We moved our presence from Interxion MRS1 to MRS2 where more power and more space is available and doubled the capacity on 2 of our 3 routes to Marseille (from Amsterdam and Frankfurt). On longer distances we have the architectural rule to have 2.5 times the needed capacity available. The third route to Marseille from Paris is active and beining used but partly available as backup.