Own your own fiber wavelength

Unprotected & Protected

Wave provides cost-effective managed point-to-point connectivity based on Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM). You can connect directly from your switch or router equipment and run all types of traffic, including standard Ethernet, dot1.q VLAN Ethernet trunks and MPLS. Wave gives you dedicated high bandwidth and low latency connections between your datacenters across predefined routes. For guaranteed service availability, the geographic redundancy option is crucial.

This is a single fiber path, single hand-off, single cross-connect.  Because wavelengths are 100% dedicated there is no failover – if a construction team digging up the road damages the fiber-optic cable your service will go down. 

This has two fiber paths built into its topology.  You will have a primary (preferred) path that your traffic always takes, backed up by a secondary path. This acts as a carrier-managed failover in case the primary cable is damaged. The traffic will automatically be rerouted to the secondary path and your service will stay up. However, this is still not fully redundant as this topology has a single hand-off, which means you will still have a SPOF (single point of failure) on your network.

For redundancy purposes, a second connection can be created.

Dedicated transport topologies Wave

Key Features

  • Cost-effective, customisable With competitive monthly charges and the ability to support a wide range of traffic types, Wave offers cost-effective customisable control over your links

  • Scalable You can scale capacity as your bandwidth needs and increase and adapt your network equipment to suit your latest traffic requirements

  • Secure Wave is implemented on a physical fiber that runs through a secure underground pipeline between datacenters with dedicated technical support for the physical links. Repair or planned maintenance windows are kept to an absolute minimum. But downtime happens, and if you need automatic rerouting choose the Protected Wave option or look at our Virtual Leased Line or Virtual Network services

Use case:

Linking the most important Datacenters in Europe

Whether you need to connect equipment in two redundant datacenters or reach suppliers or partners in sites you don’t have a presence in, most companies have a need for transport capacity between datacenter facilities.

NL-ix offers transport capacity services between the close to 100 neutral datacenters where it has a presence, and can use partners to connect other non-datacenter locations to an NL-ix covered datacenter.

We offer different transport technologies in point-to-point and point to multi-point topologies, suitable for all different needs. No sure what you need or want to know more? Do contact one of our specialists