including The Hague & Delft

All NL-ix locations are seamlessly interconnected over our low-latency European fabric, offering coast-to-coast premium Pan European interconnection

The digital infrastructure in the Netherlands is rated as among the best in the world. It is one of the most important global Internet Peering and interconnection hubs and the Digital Gateway to Europe.

The Rotterdam/The Hague region enjoys above-average growth and investment. It is also perfectly placed on the international fiber-optic infrastructure map. This makes Rotterdam an important Internet hub for fiber-optic routes to Brussels and Paris, as well as for maritime cables to the United States via London.

NL-ix operates R_iX, a local Internet Exchange in Rotterdam. R_iX is a great base for connections to London, Amsterdam, Paris and Frankfurt. R_iX strengthens the geographic redundancy, reach and resilience of the dynamic Dutch Internet sector..

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