All NL-ix locations are seamlessly interconnected over our low-latency European fabric, offering coast-to-coast premium Pan European interconnection

Since NL-ix extended its exchange fabric to Frankfurt, it has introduced networks that only had Danish, Dutch, English or French footprints– a very valuable mix that cannot be found on any other Internet Exchange. This is not just valuable for German companies with a Frankfurt presence. It also makes a big difference for companies further afield, say in Central and Eastern Europe. NL-ix brings the rest of Europe right to their doorstep.

The NL-ix upgrade in Q2 '23 to the new Nokia 77-50 PF routers and the expansion of its backbone to 2x 1Tbps brings Frankfurt's internet infrastructure to an even more advanced level.

Because of the importance of the German market NL-ix has set up a local team of specialists to assist customers and support the NL-ix International Team.

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