All NL-ix locations are seamlessly interconnected over our low-latency European fabric, offering coast-to-coast premium Pan European interconnection

Düsseldorf is located in the Rhine-Ruhr-Area, the capital of the Bundesland North Rhine Westphalia. With 20 million inhabitants it is the second largest metropolitan area in Germany. It is also located on the main fibre routes running through Europe between Amsterdam and Frankfurt. Düsseldorf lies in the heart of one of the main economic areas of Germany, and is an important network- and telecom hub.

New diverse low-latency routes have been added to the Dusseldorf – Amsterdam route, bringing down Round Trip Delay to 3ms. With a 3.7ms back-up to Frankfurt, with 2x100GB p/s connections at both ends, Dusseldorf is now an exceptionally robust interconnection point.

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