Resell & Integration

Empowering Resellers and Integrators in the Dynamic ICT Landscape

Reseller Medium@2x

Resellers and Integrators play a pivotal role by offering managed services to organisations seeking streamlined solutions.

If you want to offer your customers the best interconnection opportunities available and want to enable them to directly connect to any cloud, any datacenter and/or to have access to Peering and Transit services, NL-ix is a one-stop-shop. These services can often be configured on the same port, limiting the amount of ports in use for your customers.

Specifically for Resellers & Integrators, NL-ix provides the Nawas anti-DDOS as a free service when combined on the same port with Peering and Routing services.

Recommended solutions:

By combining SD-WAN and Elastic Interconnect from KPN and NL-ix, we are at the forefront of security, quality and agility. This forms a good and important basis for the innovative power that Continuum Global Solutions brings to the market for our customers.

Remco Kortekaas - Continuum