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How the Pan-European NL-ix fabric opens up new opportunities.

No small island of Interconnection but a European-wide interconnection fabric. How NL-ix has changed the scope of Peering.

Traditional Internet Exchange points operate from a single City or Metropolitan Area. Connected networks all haul their traffic to the location of the IXP to exchange traffic with other networks.

NL-ix has a different approach. We operate a distributed exchange. This means that where traditional exchanges form little islands of Interconnection, we have constructed a Pan-European fabric of Interconnection covering all NL-ix enabled datacenters in all important European Internet hubs (Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Paris), major European Metropolitan areas (Dusseldorf, Luxembourg, Brussels, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Copenhagen) and important other Gateways into Europe (Marseille and Berlin)

Connecting to an NL-ix enabled datacenter in, let’s say Marseille will enable a network to exchange traffic with networks connected in any of the other NL-ix enabled datacenters anywhere in Europe.

The associated product of this Use Case is Peering