Extend your network, grow your coverage

Gain immediate virtual presence & services provisioning capabilities in major datacenters all over Europe

If you want to provide your services in locations you do not have a presence yet, you know extending your network, can be a costly affair. But if you want to grow your business, one of the things you need to do is to grow your coverage, extend your reach.

The distributed, resilient, stable and low-latency nature of the NL-ix platform is extremely well suited to distribute applications and services and gives you an immediate virtual presence and services provisioning capability in all major European Datacenters. For a fraction of the costs it will take you to do it yourself.

The VLAN and Virtual Network (VPLS) services (or a combination of these) are well suited to provide you with these capabilities. Our specialist can assist you making the right choice for you situation.

The associated product of this Use Case is Virtual Network