Connecting you to the cloud

..any private cloud

The cloud is currently an important place. But beware, because if your computing power is up in the sky you need a pretty solid connection to it.

The move to the cloud is here to stay. You as an enterprise or organisation have discovered the benefits of Infrastructure available as a Service. But with all that computing power up in the cloud you do need to be sure you are able to access that power when you need it.

You need end-to-end control over the road leading to that mission critical infrastructure in the cloud of choice. You want a stable, predictable, low latency connection that is always on, so you can harness the power of the cloud when and how you need it.

The NL-ix network delivers that control, stability and low latency connections. Build as a part of the Internet Core Infrastructure it is designed to be extremely resilient and as fast as possible. As a pan-European network connecting all major European datacenters it has already build the door-to-door direct connection between the datacenter you are in and all major datacenters of the cloud of your choice and a wide range of locations, saving you the costs of additional transport. Because the cloud is actually just another datacenter.

The associated product of this Use Case is Cloud Connect