Welcome Savvas!

Savvas Savva joins our Operations team as Senior Network Engineer

Please welcome our newest colleague, Savvas Savva🤝, who has joined the Operations team as a Senior Network Engineer at NL-ix! Savvas takes the opportunity to further introduce himself.

Born in Nicosia, Cyprus, my fascination with the mysteries of the universe and technology began in a pre-Internet childhood. With limited resources, I taught myself optical physics using a few available books and built a telescope, igniting my passion for amateur astronomy. I also experimented with discarded electronics, creating circuits that deepened my interest in electricity and electronics.


From a young age, I was driven by a desire to impact the world and began exploring political science even before university. However, my true passion lay in science and technology, leading me to study Electrical and Computer Engineering with a specialization in Telecommunications at the University of Patras, Greece. This education laid the foundation for my future career.

Returning to Cyprus, I began my professional journey in the telecom sector with a small company. This early experience was followed by a significant role during the Cyprus Presidency of the European Union, where I contributed to key governmental projects, enhancing my understanding of the interplay between technology and policy. After this enriching experience, I took the entrepreneurial leap to establish my own company, focusing on innovative solutions in renewable energy. This venture not only deepened my technical skills but also honed my abilities in business management and client relations, contrasting with my subsequent technical roles as a network engineer in larger telecom settings. My journey continued at the second-largest telecom company in Cyprus, where I further refined my expertise.

Despite valuing my roles and gaining valuable insights, I felt constrained and eager for broader experiences, which led me to Amsterdam. Initially, I joined a renowned telecom company in the Netherlands as a senior network engineer to refine my skills. Later, I transitioned to a startup, focusing on innovative solutions.

Yet, something was missing—the spark of innovation, the thrill of creating something monumental, and a community that both inspires and is inspired by fresh ideas. Enter NL-ix. It wasn’t just the company’s reputation in the interconnection ecosystem that drew me in, but also the vibrant community and the shared ethos of innovation and impact. Here, I see an unparalleled opportunity to bring my dreams to fruition: to innovate, to inspire, and to contribute to a vision that transcends borders.

As I join NL-ix, I look forward to not just sharing my experiences and ideas but also learning from and collaborating with some of the brightest minds in the industry. Here’s to the journey ahead—of growth, innovation, and making the world a better-connected place.

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