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For the first time, NL-ix will include Afternoon Sessions prior to our Late Summer Drink 2024 event on September 12th. The Afternoon Session will be primarily focused on inspiration and knowledge sharing and is “invite-only” based, however with the same relaxing vibe as the Late Summer Drink - so casual beach.

There are three keynote speakers who will inspire you on the topics of security (DDoS) and AI. NL-ix has room for a limited amount of guests who can also (of course) attend our Late Summer Drink 2024 party afterwards.

Come join us at Scheveningen Beach for the Afternoon Sessions. Details are:

When: Thursday, 12th September ’24 | 14:00 – 17:00 CEST 

Where: Colorado Charlie


Our speakers:

Jan Aril Sigvartsen

"What do you get if you mix up a life-long extreme sport passions with disruptive, digital entrepreneurship? Jan Aril Sigvartsen has spent his whole career in the paradigm shifting areas of value creation by combining it with different perspectives on risk, disruptive technologies and business sustainability. He's been a key influencer on industries and multi-national companies by demystifying new digital practices and how they can be tangible to humans in an inspiring way."

Jeff Smith

“Jeff is VP and General Manager of Nokia Deepfield. With more than 25-years dedicated to leading networking and security teams, his passion is to bring globally innovative solutions improving the connection between people and places. Previously, Jeff has led Product Management, R&D and Strategy groups resulting in dozens of software products, strategic investments, M&A with more than $500M impact on the market”

Geert van Wauwe

“Geert is Group Security Officer at Nokia, responsible for the security of Nokia’s enterprise environment and for the security of the products and services we deliver to our customers. For the past 12 years he has witnessed the rapid evolution of security threats and the need for any company to understand and manage the security risk. Previously, Geert led R&D teams in various telecom domains such as Fixed Networks DSL and GPON, and IP routing.”

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Thank you for registering for the Afternoon Sessions 2024. Kindly note that NL-IX has a limited number of places available, these are primarily intended for NL-ix invited customers. NL-ix therefore reserves the right to decline registrations in case the total exceeds the available amount of places.

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