NL-ix extends to Berlin

NL-ix Launches IX & Interconnection Portfolio in Berlin

Berlin, Germany, 12 April 2021

NL-ix, the Interconnect Exchange, today announced that as of May 14th it will make its full portfolio of geo-dispersed Internet exchange, cloud and data center interconnection solutions available in Berlin. Connection ports can be booked in three Berlin data centers - NTT Berlin 1, CarrierColo Berlin Lützow by I/P/B/, and Speedbone. The move will bring greater peering and interconnection choice to the German Internet market, delivering over 450 new peers to the German capital.

The new data center PoPs will be interconnected for full redundancy. High speed traffic routes from Berlin to Frankfurt (7.7 ms Round Trip Time (RTT)), Düsseldorf (7.4 ms RTT) and Amsterdam (9.9 ms RTT) will ensure the lowest possible latency for customer traffic, bringing the Internet directly to Berlin. In addition to peering opportunities and services, NL-ix will provide its full portfolio of IP-transit and (inter)national transport services.

With the importance of the German market and NL-ix being the second largest Internet Exchange in Germany, NL-ix has setup a local team of specialists assisting customers, contracting Ulf Kieber as Interconnection & Business Agent and Gerald Reutemann as Sales Agent. They will support the NL-ix International Team and represent NL-ix as business agents in Germany.

“As well as giving greater choice to businesses in central Germany who are serious about Internet quality, we hope this move will help grow the status of Berlin as an international hub,” said Marien Keizer, NL-ix CCO. “With a broad user-friendly portfolio covering over 100 data centers in the most important metropolitan areas in Europe, we will also offer customers a new level of versatility and reach, providing a much more complete interconnection platform over a single port."