Vinnie van Gentevoort

Decoding the NL-ix logo: Vinnie connects the dots between ancient terminal screens and contemporaryconnectivity

Who is NL-ix?

Behind the world of the Internet, behind the world of fibers, protocols, peers and terabytes, are actual people making it all work. But who are these people? In other words: Who is NL-ix?

Today: 🤝 Vinnie van Gentevoort, Business Development Manager

Hello, I'm Vincent van Gentevoort, but most people just call me Vinnie—it's easier that way. Besides surfing the web, I enjoy windsurfing when the weather permits, though I haven’t been able to do that as much lately.

I joined NL-ix in 2009 and have been a part of the team for quite a while now. My role is primarily on the commercial side of the business, officially as the Business Development Manager. This means I am responsible for both our existing clients and attracting new ones.

Our clientele spans various geographic regions. Some of my colleagues focus solely on the Netherlands, while others handle international relations. I manage both local and international clients, drawing from the extensive experience I've gathered over the years at NL-ix.

Vinnie van Gentevoort

My journey with the Internet began a long time ago, in 1989, even before the World Wide Web as we know it existed. I was online before popular browsers were a thing, using different services. I even had my own Internet connection at home early on. My first experience was through school, using email and other now-obsolete services like Telnet.

Telnet, for those who may not know, allows you to type text and connect to a server anywhere in the world. It's purely text-based and was the inspiration for our company logo—the black and green design reminiscent of those old terminal screens, like in 'The Matrix.' Many people don’t realize our logo pays homage to those early days of the Internet, but I think it’s a great detail.

Many people don’t realize our logo pays homage to those early days of the Internet, but I think it’s a great detail.

Vinnie van Gentevoort

I discovered that I enjoyed explaining our software to new clients, a task that resonated with my experience in teaching courses to both end-users and technical people. This passion for translating complex technical details into simpler terms led me naturally from technical roles to commercial ones.

Over the years, I’ve witnessed significant changes in the business and the Internet. In the past, companies kept their servers in a closet, and the Internet was somewhat important but not as crucial as it is today. Now, with developments in cloud computing, the Internet is indispensable.

Today, we take the Internet for granted. You just plug it in, and it works, but working in this field has shown me the intricate world behind it.

Currently, I’m also deeply interested in AI, a field that has captured my attention for many years. With the recent advancements in AI, especially over the past two years, I’m exploring how to integrate it into my work. This renewed my passion for programming, which I hadn't pursued since 2010, allowing me to experiment more with AI.

Whether I’m surfing the waves or the web, the thrill of navigating new currents in technology never fades. Here’s to many more years of making complex tech simple for everyone—and hopefully getting a bit more windsurfing in too.