• Host of the Evening Social during Lambda Forum

    NL-ix will attend Lambda Forum that will take place on the 15th and 16th of Januari in Frankfurt, Germany. The focus of this Lambda Forum Lays on the trends and innovations in the telecommunications market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
    This Year NL-ix will host the Evening Social that will take place at the Diva Bar. We invite all visitors of Lambda Forum to this Evening Social that will be a perfect location to relax and talk to your colleagues from the telecom industry whilst enjoying food and drinks.

    Host of the Evening Social during Lambda Forum

    NL-ix launched its 100GE Wide Area Distributed Internet Exchange. NL-ix is the first IX offering 100GE ports in a Wide Area Network setting (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Frankfurt, Duesseldorf, London, Paris, Brussels, Antwerp and Luxembourg)

  • Directly connect to NL-ix in Western Europe

    NL-ix is excited to announce Phase-II of its international roll-out: New local NL-ix presence in Germany, United Kingdom, France and Luxembourg.

    Internationally offering high-level NL-ix peering services, AND introduce Distributed Global Peering directly in- and between local NL-ix switches in the various countries. Moreover, NL-ix also offers connectivity to partner-Exchanges (like AMS-IX), transit providers and MPLS & VLAN services to some 60 cities, all using OnePort.

    Directly connect to NL-ix in Western Europe
  • Verisign anti-DDoS Services

    Distributed denial of service(DDoS) attacks can cripple your entire online operation, and they are more frequent and sophisticated every day.
    NL-ix recently launched Verisign’s DDoS monitoring and mitigation services, providing a scalable solution to today’s increasingly complex attacks to keep your web site up and running.

    Contact sales@nl-ix.net +31 (0)70 312 07 10 for more information

    Verisign anti-DDoS Services
  • LINX and AMS-IX Peering over NL-ix

    LINXLINX, AMS-IX, and NL-ix have joined forces on Europe-wide peering coverage. NL-ix now offers direct access to both the AMS-IX and LINX Public Peering infrastructure over existing and new NL-ix Public Peering ports in any NL-ix datacenter in 6 countries. Speeds from 100 Mbit/s and far up

    AMS-IXCustomers can operate as if directly connected AMS-IX and/or LINX member, with full access to the member website, mailing list, meetings, etc. NL-ix will be the contractual, technical and financial interface.

    LINX and AMS-IX Peering over NL-ix
  • Register your network in PeeringDB

    PeeringDB is a central database where networks exchange information related to peering.

    Registering makes Public and Private peering easier and provides contact information in case of technical issues. NL-ix uses the policy data from PeeringDB in her memberlist. Read the FAQ for more info.

    If you have not done so yet, please register your network now!

    Register your network in PeeringDB

Key Statistics

  • Members
    - National
    - International
    - Unique
    476 Total
  • Ports1619
  • Datacenters71 sites
    31 cities
    7 countries
  • Fiber4762 km
  • Traffic 95%722.2 Gbit/s
  • Peak736.3 Gbit/s
  • Connected Capacity4.949 Tbit/s

Statistics: December 16th 2014

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The New Internet

Public and private Peering on an Internet Exchange is one of the foundations of 'The New Internet', the revolutionary superior way to handle your Internet traffic. Please contact us to learn all about it and the (Autonomous Routing) technology behind it.

The Neutral Internet Exchange (NL-ix) operates one of the worlds largest public Internet Exchanges with over 475 members, and coverage in more than 70 datacenters in Europe.

NL-ix provides a high-grade platform for anyone for whom Internet is Mission Critical and solutions to exchange and transport traffic including Peering, Community specific services, Metro capacity and BandMarket service access and service distribution.

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