For round-the-clock operational support you can contact the NL-ix Support desk. For efficient handling and tracking purposes we prefer email contact.

Non urgent issues

For Non Urgent matters please contact our support desk via email to support@nl-ix.net and document your request with relevant technical details. Our normal response time is one working day or less.

Urgent issues

Issues are classified as Urgent if they cause full outage or more then 5% packet loss, other issues are classified as Non Urgent.


Procedure for reporting Urgent issues:

  1. First check Announcements on My NL-ix II. for known issues;
  2. Then check My NL-ix II. to see if there is Planned Maintenance occurring;
  3. If neither is applicable, send an email documenting the issue first;
  4. Then contact us by phone in order to guarantee rapid action.

See the support Schedule below for email and phone number details.


Please notice the following restrictions for reporting Urgent issues:

New services, which have not officially been brought into production state by NL-ix yet, are not under 24/7 support and inherently all related issues are classified as Non Urgent;
Upgraded or moved services are only under 24/7 support if the upgrade or move takes place in coordination with NL-ix during a planned office hours migration window;
Issues which are the result of customer maintenance, customer equipment failure or patch-cable failure are not (unless specifically contracted otherwise) part of the service and inherently cannot be reported.


For phone calls Outside Office Hours I. (only to be used for Urgent issues and only following the procedure described there), a voice messaging system is used.

Please leave your name, the name of your company, a telephone number where you can be reached, your email address and a brief issue description and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Customers receive the 24/7 telephone number at the end of the connection process, (see FAQ item) when the service is brought into production state by NL-ix.

If your issue is part of a bigger outage with impact on multiple customers, we will first try to solve the overall problem before calling back individual customers.

Support schedule

  Office Hours Outside Office Hours
Non Urgent support@nl-ix.net support@nl-ix.net
Urgent +31 (0)70 312 07 13 24/7 number
Office Hours are Monday's till Friday's from 8.30 till 17.30 hrs Central European Time (excluding public holidays). My NL-ix account access is provided during the connection process. Additional accounts are provides on request.