Transparent resilient MPLS-based transport

vWave offers dedicated low latency high bandwidth capacity with the resilience of MPLS (automatic rerouting). It can be used as an extension to private networks as well as a component in complex network topologies. vWave provides cost-effective managed capacity with a dedicated (Ethernet) connection between two data centres with NL-ix PoPs. This highly flexible alternative to our Wave service offers extremely high availability due to the multiple backbone paths and fast re-routes built into the NL-ix interconnection fabric.

Key Features

  • Robust & resilient vWave’s point-to-point capacity is transparent, but also offers resilience by automatically rerouting the traffic if it comes across problematic links or routers

  • Stability, latency & transparency Stability and latency are central to the NL-ix offering. We exercise complete control over the design, specification and management of our interconnection fabric. We monitor latency times over key routes constantly seconds. This data feeds directly into our NOC to accelerate response times and is also published in real time on our website

  • End-to-end management NL-ix builds, manages and monitors the end-to-end connection for you offering availability guarantees, and 24*7*365 NOC monitoring and support

  • Flexible capacity vWave is available at a wide range of speeds, enabling you to scale your connection to meet the changing requirements of the network and the business

  • Transparent Unlimited MAC addresses, dot.1q-in-q, mac-in-mac, MPLS and jumbo frames

  • Private Completely private circuit with traffic invisible to other customers (and NL-ix)

Use case:

Linking the most important Datacenters in Europe

Whether you need to connect equipment in two redundant datacenters or reach suppliers or partners in sites you don’t have a presence in, most companies have a need for transport capacity between datacenter facilities.

NL-ix offers transport capacity services between the close to 100 neutral datacenters where it has a presence, and can use partners to connect other non-datacenter locations

to an NL-ix covered datacenter.

We offer different transport technologies (DWDM, MPLS, VLL and VPLS) in point-to-point and point to multi-point topologies, suitable for all different needs. No sure what you need or want to know more? Do contact one of our specialist