Remote IX

High-performance remote exchange access

Cost considerations can undermine online performance. Transport connections, rack space, port setup and operation, all add significantly to overheads when multiplied over many markets. A remote peering solution can eliminate these overheads without compromising performance, with low latency and stability guaranteed.

The Pan-European NL-ix Remote IX service lets you join a major European Internet Exchange quickly and easily from over a hundred data centers across Europe, with no need to rent rack space or set up a transport connection. This scalable, cost-effective service can be delivered from a single port to multiple exchanges anywhere on the NL-ix stable low latency fabric, optimising performance and ensuring redundancy.

Key Features

  • Pan-European Access NL-ix operates a purpose-built, resilient, pan-European Layer 2 Ethernet fabric, which interconnects 116 data centres in the 25 most important European metropolitan markets in 15 countries. Remote IX customers can access one or more exchanges from any point on this network.

  • Stability, Latency, Transparency Stability and latency are central to our offering. We exercise complete control over the design, specification and management of our interconnection fabric, and do not use third party resellers as this can cause resiliency and latency issues. We monitor latency times over key routes constantly. This data feeds directly into our NOC to accelerate response times.  It is also published in real time on our website.

  • Get More from your Port and Cross Connect It is easy to access multiple Remote IXs as well as other NL-ix interconnect products through the same port optimising the use of the port and saving costs.

Product Specs

  • Shared physical network interface to Remote IX, dedicated VLAN rate limited transport (non-overbooked)

  • Access capacity varies depending on Remote IX selected

  • Full Membership & functionality of Remote IX included

  • Contractual and management agreement with NL-ix

  • Available speeds from 100 Mbps till 10 Gbps

  • Seamless settlement-free access to major European exchanges

  • Multiple exchanges from a single port

Support & Training

New to peering?  Need help with BGP configuration? NL-ix has been offering training, set up and support for over 20 years. Whether you are a fast-growing ISP or a large Enterprise aiming to become your own ISP, we can give you the support and expertise you need.