From time-to-time our members show their appreciation about how their perceive our services and/or support. Below testimonials summarize some of the highlights in customer appreciation.

Easyhosting Jeroen Wunnink, System Manager at Easyhosting
Easyhosting faced the risk to be completely disconnected by its fiber provider for many hours during a scheduled maintenance. NL-ix could deliver Easyhosting an additional VLAN channel in just 30 minutes to back-up and secure their connectivity for a full night.
Jeroen said: 'I guessed there is only one company that can help us out so fast en effective, and that turned out to be true !

Redhosting Stijn Nijhuis, CEO for Redhosting and Voiceworks
Redhosting/Voixeworks suffered heavily from an outage of a management on on of their core routers. NL-ix was able to immediately supply a replacing blade from it's emergency stock which replaced the card in the field within hours.
Stijn said: 'Thanks a lot for handing over your spare, it runs alike a charm already.'

Twinfield Maurice Tijhuis, consultant for Twinfield
Our team assisted Twinfield with off-site backup of mission critical data including a wide area link, routing, etc.
Maurice said on the accompanying note (translated): 'Thank you for assisting us with system maintenance and counselling. Twinfield International N.V.'

Breedband Arnhem Dave Aaldering, CEO at Breedband Arnhem
'Instead of having to deal with carriers, exchanges and telehouses seperately, NL-ix bundles the complete set of services in a one-stop-shop package, and delivers it directly to our network core in Arnhem. That saves us time, money and above all allows us to keep focused on our customers.'

Ziggo Abraham de Keizer, Operational Interconnect Manager at Ziggo
'Ziggo is very satisfied with the service as provided by NL-ix. Beside redundancy and connectivity, we see much more future opportunities in having a connection at NL-ix.'
Red.: Ziggo has multiple 10 Gbit/s NL-ix Public Peering ports at NL-ix. For peering requests to Ziggo: peering@as9143.net.

Online Breedband Jochem van der Meer, Manager Network Operations at Online Breedband
'In our operations, we want to achieve the maximum quality for our customers. This we would like to achieve with the maximum redundancy and connectivity. This is the reason that we need to connect to multiple exchanges with multiple ports.'
Red.: Online has multiple 10 Gbit/s NL-ix Public Peering ports at NL-ix and peering is available via the NL-ix Route Servers.

Interned Services Hans Goes at Interned Services
Since NL-ix implemented a managed Metro Wave connection for IS-Internet in a record time, Hans Goes of kindly send as a delicious cake to thank the NL-ix team for that.

Breezz Nederland Gert van den berg, MD at Breezz Nederland
'Breezz Netherlands offers its customers Internet-telephony at the highest quality standards. Therefor it is crucial for us to connect our VOIP-servers in the best possible way to the heart of the Internet. NL-ix turned out to be the best party for that, not at least since NL-ix could also offer us all kind of customized AS, IP and BGP-support, which is rather unique for an Internet Exchange.'

i4Networks Dirk Pol, CEO at i4Networks
Happy with a very rapid order realisation, Dirk send a special thank you to Vincent Bourgonjen and the rest of the team.