Recent Members

The overview below describes the members that have connected to NL-ix in the recent months.

May 2015
May 21Fusix NetworksNL, Nikhef
May 13AutomaticNL, Equinix AM1
May 7Avenir TelematiqueFR, Telehouse PA2
May 4Infotheek GroepNL, GlobalSwitch

April 2015
April 28Unithost InternetNL, Equinix AM3
April 23SpotXchangeNL, Equinix AM3
April 16OnlineFR, Telehouse PA2

March 2015
March 24ServerelNL, Telecity 5
March 20T-MobileNL, Global Switch + Equinix AM3
March 18Net By Net HoldingDE, NewTelco
March 17CAT TelecomUK, Telehouse North
Match 16Twitch InteractiveNL, Telecity 4
March 10UcomDE, Equinix FR4
March 9EDPnetNL, Telecity 2
March 6DailymotionFR, Telehouse PA2
March 5BlackGATENL, NedZone

February 2015
February 25OceancoNL, Dataplace
February 11iVent MobileNL, Telecity 1
February 10RelAix NetworksDE, Interxion DUS1

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