Recent Members

The overview below describes the members that have connected to NL-ix in the recent months.

March 2015
March 24ServerelNL, Telecity 5
March 20T-MobileNL, Global Switch + Equinix AM3
March 18Net By Net HoldingDE, NewTelco
March 17CAT TelecomUK, Telehouse North
Match 16Twitch InteractiveNL, Telecity 4
March 10UcomDE, Equinix FR4
March 9EDPnetNL, Telecity 2
March 6DailymotionFR, Telehouse PA2
March 5BlackGATENL, NedZone

February 2015
February 25OceancoNL, Dataplace
February 11iVent MobileNL, Telecity 1
February 10RelAix NetworksDE, Interxion DUS1

January 2015
January 22Redwood Software NederlandNL, Cofely
January 15VerixiBE, Antwerp DC
January 12ZironNL, Telecity 2
January 6Exa NetworksUK, Telehouse North

December 2014
December 19SolidBENL, Dataplace
December 16TransIPNL, Nikhef
December 15BlixNL, Telecity 5
December 9MastertelDE, NewTelco
December 8NinesNL, euNetworks
December 4EnterNL, Telecity 5
December 3QonnectedNL, Equinix EN1 + Telecity 2
December 2VOIPcompleteNL, Evoswitch
December 1FortexDE, NewTelco
December 1UnilinkDE, NewTelco
December 1LanTaDE, NewTelco

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