Recent Members

The overview below describes the members that have connected to NL-ix in the recent months.

May 2016
May 27JSC Digital NetworkDE, NewTelco
May 25Exa-OmicronNL, Serverius
May 24NeotelAT, Interxion VIE1
May 23WebguruNL, DC Arnhem

April 2016
April 25TDC GroupDK, Interxion CPH1
April 20Valve CorporationNL, Telecity AMS5
April 18Oman TelecommunicationsFR, Interxion MRS1
April 5NetiaPL, Telecity WAR1 DC1

March 2016
March 29SysElevenDE, Speedbone BER1
March 2M247NL, Nikhef

Februari 2016
February 29Firm TradeNL, Serverius
February 11Micron21NL, Evoswitch
February 5WWWPromoterNL, SwitchDC
February 5Next Gen NetworksNL, Telecity 5
February 2ReasonnetNL, NIKHEF, Globalswitch