Premium Peering

Direct peering sessions with 'Hard-To-Get Networks'

Increase redundancy, improve performance, optimize routing control, capacity management optimisation for large amounts of traffic (distributing traffic across many networks), ... are placing greater needs on current networks. For these needs, multiple networks interconnect with one or more other networks across a single physical port on existing Internet Exchanges. This is an excellent way to meet and interconnect with other networks who may be open to peering. But not every network has an ‘open peering’ policy, meaning that they are selective in setting up peering sessions based on type of network, traffic volume, traffic ratio, network coverage, ...

But what to do in case your peering request is denied ...

What NL-IX can do for you

NL-IX designed its Premium Peering Service for its existing Internet Exchange members who have been denied direct peering sessions with 'hard-to-get' networks and the only alternative was to buy transit services form those networks.

Premium Peering

Allows its members to setup a paid bilateral peering session (on-net routes) with connected ‘hard-to-get’ networks on separate route server instances on the NL-IX Internet Exchange. This service offers its members guaranteed bandwidth and no packet loss towards the connected hard-to-get networks.

European Coverage: Connect your network to the NL-IX Wide Area Distributed Internet Exchange with coverage in 7 countries in more than 70 data centres in Europe. Now Available in:
- Netherlands
- Germany
- United Kingdom
- France
- Switzerland
- Belgium
- Luxemburg

NL-IX Premium Peering Service
- Premium Peering Service VLAN capacities: 100Mbps, 250Mbps, 500Mbps, 1Gbps, 2,5Gbps, 5Gbps


- No additional AS hop to selected ‘hard-to-get’ networks
- Guaranteed bandwidth
- No packet loss towards ‘hard-to-get’ networks
- Scalable solution
- Available at all NL-ix locations Reduced dependency on IP Transit providers
- Control on your own traffic
- One stop shop solution for multiple ‘hard-to-get’ networks on 1 port

Technical features

How does it work?


NL-ix member will get an additional IP address per hard-to-get network on the NL-ix port. IP Traffic flow between NL-ix member and 'hard-to-get' network.