IPv6 Routing Course

Apart from providing an introduction to IPv6, you will learn how to configure OSPF and BGP for IPv6, as well as how to set up stateless autoconfiguration and DHCPv6 to give out IPv6 addresses to hosts. The morning is dedicated to theory, explaining the differences between IPv4 and IPv6 routing. After lunch, participants configure a Cisco router in groups of two.

Please bring a laptop to connect to the router you will be configuring. If your BGP configuration is correct and you run an IPv6-capable operating system, you can connect your laptop to the IPv6 internet through the Cisco router you configured. You can also test with a tablet or smartphone.

Topics covered in the course are;
- Pv4 depletion
- IPv6 basics
- types of IPv6 addresses: global, link local, site local, unique site local
- RIPE policy differences between IPv4 and IPv6
- making an IPv6 addressing plan
- stateless autoconfiguration vs DHCPv6
- tunnels
- OSPF for IPv6 (OSPFv3)
- BGP for IPv6
- coexistence and interaction between IPv4 and IPv6 in BGP
- Cisco IOS:
* using ping and traceroute
* monitoring BGP status and progress
* inspecting routing tables and BGP tables
* changing next hop addresses where necessary
* enabling/disabling stateless autoconfiguration
* router advertisement flags and DHCP server or relay

Please refer to our BGP course for more background information about BGP.

The courses that are announced to be in English sometimes have all-Dutch participants. In those cases, we'll switch to Dutch. But if you want to be sure that the course you're participating in is in Dutch, sign up for one that is listed as being in Dutch. The course materials are always in English.

With the course each participant will receive the book "Running IPv6" as documentation to take home. Participants who already own the book and bring it to the course will not receive another copy of the book and get a 25 euro discount on the price of the course. Please let us know in advance if you bring your own copy of the book. Note that we can currently only provide a physical copy of the book, if you prefer an electronic version, please obtain it directly from Apress(in DRM-free PDF format) or from Amazon in Kindle format (DRM-locked)

Email a scan or Fax the Registration form to +31 70 392 22 16. Once we have received it, we will inform you if your registration has been accepted. If the course is full we might refer you to a different date.

See our Pricing Sheet for the current charges.