BGP4 Routing Course

The BGP course is intended for people who know about TCP/IP basics, but have no knowledge or intermediate level knowledge about inter-domain routing and BGP.

In the morning, BGP theory is explained and in the afternoon, participants will configure routers in groups of two. These configuration assignments emulate connecting to a transit ISP and peering over an internet exchange. The course covers the basics of BGP and provides an overview of some of the more advanced topics.

We have Cisco routers available for this part, but participants may also install the Zebra or Quagga routing software on their own laptop (please install in advance!), or bring another type of router. The course material is written for Cisco, Zebra/Quagga or Foundry routers. If you bring another type of router, you may need to look up the differences in configuration commands.

A laptop with ethernet is required to actively participate in the course.

Theory Part (morning)
- Routing in general
   (routers, subnets, routing protocols);
- What does BGP do & how does it work;
- IP addresses (address blocks, CIDR);
- PI/PA addresses and AS numbers
   (how do RIPE requests work);
- BGP route selection mechanisms;
- Influencing BGP (route maps/policies);
- Peer groups;
- Tools (whois, looking glass);
- Security
- 32-bit AS numbers
- Multilink load balancing;
- Question round.

Practical Part (afternoon)
- Activate BGP;
- Filtering and advertising outgoing
- Accepting and filtering incoming routes;
- Connecting to a transit provider;
- Setting up peering;
- Manipulating outgoing traffic (localpref);
- Manipulating incoming traffic
   (AS path prepends);
- Peer groups;
- Setting up MD5 passwords;
- Multilink load balancing;
- Questions can be asked throughout.

The course is generally held in the center of The Hague, with good accessibility for both private and public transport. Course starts at 10:00 (AM) and ends at 16:00 hours. The course has room for max. 10 participants. Coffee, tea and lunch is included in the course.

The courses that are announced to be in English sometimes have all-Dutch participants. In those cases, we'll switch to Dutch. But if you want to be sure that the course you're participating in is in Dutch, sign up for one that is listed as being in Dutch. The course materials are always in English.

With the course each participant will receive the book "BGP" as documentation to take home. Participants who already own the book and bring it to the course will not receive another copy of the book and get a 25 euro discount on the price of the course. Please let us know in advance if you bring your own copy of the book. Note that we can currently only provide a physical copy of the book, if you prefer an electronic version, please obtain it directly from O'Reilly (in the DRM-free PDF, ePub, Kindle-compatible .mobi and DAISY formats) or from Amazon in Kindle format(DRM-locked)

Fax the Registration Form form to +31 (0)70 392 22 16. Once we have received it, we will inform you if your registration has been accepted. If the course is full we might refer you to a different date.

See our Pricing Sheet for the current charges.