Remote IX

With the Remote IX service NL-ix offers transparant and full access to the peering VLAN's of other Internet Exchanges, including AMS-IX, LINX, France-IX.

AMS-IX LINX France-IX Adding access to other Internet Exchanges in addition to Public Peering on NL-ix can help increase the amount of peers that can be reached on a port or help reach specific local destinations. Remote IX is delivered as additional service on a dedicated VLAN on an Peering Port.


Remote IX options:
Paid service choose speed

Apart from NL-ix, there is a second large Internet exchange present in the Netherlands: the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX).

NL-ix makes AMS-IX Public Peering locally available throughout the Netherlands and enables an efficient combination with other services through the NL-ix Peering Port concept.

AMS-IX is currently focussing to be present in a limited amount of datacenters in Amsterdam, while NL-ix has coverage in 30+ datacenters in a more nation-wide scope. Therefor NL-ix and AMS-IX took the initiative to team up and offer access to the AMS-IX Public Peering infrastructure to:

  • High speed customers present in "non-AMS-IX" datacenters;
  • Customers at any site which are seeking entry-level AMS-IX access
    (AMS-IX does not offer direct 100 Mbit/s ports anymore).

In this solution NL-ix will be your contractual, operational and financial interface with the AMS-IX, however you will have your own direct log-ins, and access to (and visibility at) mailings and peering-lists of the AMS-IX.

The AMS-IX Public Peering service provides two flavours to get access to AMS-IX, as a ethernet VLAN or over a Metro solution, both described below.

AMS-IX VLAN over NL-ix

By configuring an additional VLAN on your current or new NL-ix Public Peering port, which backhauls to an AMS-IX Port, you will be able to simply add AMS-IX-peerings to your total package of peerings on that one single NL-ix Port.

OnePort™ concept
As almost all of our services, the AMS-IX Public Peering is delivered via the NL-ix OnePort™. This port is the basic product for all NL-ix Peering and Community solutions and can also be used in combination with the NL-ix Metro Ethernet solutions.

By purchasing an NL-ix Port, most of the Peering and Community services become available for free, and/or additional Metro-Ethernet services will be much cheaper. Port speeds of 100 Mbit/s, 1.000 Mbit/s can be provided. AMS-IX Public Peering over NL-ix is not available at 10 Gbit/s ports.

For AMS-IX Public Peering Peering (Ethernet only) in combination with a NL-ix OnePort™:

Dedicated AMS-IX over Metro service

If you do not intend to use the AMS-IX Public Peering in combination with other peerings or VLAN's you may use a dedicated Metro Wave or Metro Fiber solution to connect directly to an AMS-IX port.

For (Metro Wave based) dedicated AMS-IX Public Peering: