New & Experimental Communities

Apart from established Member Communities, new communities are in different stages of development. These includes:

  • Finance - Financial companies and services;
  • Health - Life sciences industry;
  • Delay Critical - Gaming and other time-sensitive traffic;
  • Public - Public and semi-public governmental organisations;
  • SAAS -Cloud bases Software as as Service solution providers.


NL-ix is considering branche or technology specific communities, and solutions for those communities, including:

  • Proximity Hosting - Close to for example a stock exchange switch;
  • EDI Exchange - Electronic Data Interchange;
  • Events - Concerts, sports, marketing campaigns, etc.;
  • Education;
  • Leisure - Including catering, hotels, etc.;
  • Transport and Logistics;
  • Retail;
  • Industrial.

Please contact us if any of these subjects are interesting for you and you are interested in discussing the options further.


More communities and new community-specific solutions are developed by NL-ix. But these can also be initiated by existing NL-ix members themselves.

NL-ix actively supports community-driven solutions, and is open for initiatives from market-specific (branche or technology) specialists. Such specialist know their own specific community best, which attributes to more succesful solutions.

Dedicated community VLAN

Dedicated shared VLAN's for a group of members within an exisiting or new community, will be provided and supported by NL-ix at no additional costs than just the basic NL-ix port costs.

Such a VLAN can be open-end (anyone can participate), or one party, often the initiator, can be assigned as arbiter which controls access to the VLAN (who is allowed to get access to it) or defines the rules by which NL-ix needs to control access.


Community-specific services can be delivered by a provider over the NL-ix BandMarket service delivery solution:

  • For solution providers it is interesting to distribute community specific services to 30+ datacenters and reaching over 240+ members without building a private network.
  • For existing NL-ix members it is interesting to have access to the community specific services of one or more providers.

New communities


The finance community consists of both financial companies (e.g. banks, inssurance companies, stock brokers) and providers offering services to those companies (e.g. clearing houses, trade supporting solution providers, software providers, online bookkeeping providers, specialized zero-downtime hosters, etc.).


The health community consists of parties in the life sciences industry including hospitals, other care providers, regional care network providers, health insurance companies, software providers, ZSP's, specialized solution providers, etc.).

Delay Critical

The delay critical community includes parties with time-sensitive traffic for whom low and stable (low jitter) roundtrip times for traffic are vital (even more so then for other users).

This includes online interactive gaming providers, social network sites, chat sites (e.g. IRC), Internet key infrastructure providers (top level DNS servers) and traffic end availability monitoring solution providers.

Voice Over IP is also delay critical, as is Content Delivery in many cases, but those are already represented in their own member communities.


The public community contains both public and semi-public governmental and related organisations, as well as NGO's (Non Gouvernemental organisations) and parties providing services to those organisations.

Software as a Service

The SAAS community consists of parties offering cloud based Software as as Service solutions, formerly often known as Application Service Providers (ASP). SaaS are accessed via webbrowsers and/or as webservices from a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Please check Wikipedia for a description of Software as a Service, Cloud Computing and ASP.

OnePort™ concept
Almost all of our services are delivered via the NL-ix OnePort™. This port is the basic product for all NL-ix Peering and Community solutions and can also be used in combination with the NL-ix Metro Ethernet solutions.

By purchasing an NL-ix Port, most of the Peering and Community services become available for free, and/or additional Metro-Ethernet services will be much cheaper. Speeds of 100 Mbit/s, 1.000 Mbit/s and 10 Gbit/s can be provided.

See the current Communities and their members.
See our Pricing Sheet for the current charges.
See our OnePort™ Product Guideline how this solution can be composed out of the NL-ix products.