Global Transit

NL-ix features a wide selection of carriers in the Global Transit Community. These carriers offer worldwide Routing solutions delivered over the NL-ix BandMarket service delivery solution. See our BandMarket Product Guideline how this solution can be composed.

For Service Providers

For transit carriers it is interesting to distribute services to 30+ datacenters and reaching over 240+ members without building a private network.
See our Pricing Sheet for current BandMarket service distribution charges.

Global (Internet) Transit
A Transit service provides advertisement of your routes (IP addresses) to the entire Internet (attracting incomming traffic), and worldwide routing (of outgoing traffic) from your network to all prefixes on the Internet. See Wikipedia for an extensive description of what a Global (Internet) Transit is.

For existing NL-ix members

For existing NL-ix members it is interesting to have access to the services of a diverse group access providers in the Global Transit community.

Contact individual Global Transit Carriers for information on their services, check the Routing page to see more ways to get routes on your NL-ix port, or contact us for advice or more information on BandMarket. See our Pricing Sheet for current Global Transit BandMarket service access charges and for the costs of the required underlying NL-ix OnePort™

All-in Global Transit

Joint Transit Check the website of our sister company Joint Transit for examples of All-In Global Transit package products KPN Wholesale (including dedicated MetroPort™ and the transit service itself) and prices.

OnePort™ concept
As almost all of our services, the Global Transit services are delivered via the NL-ix OnePort™. This port is the basic product for all NL-ix Peering and Community solutions and can also be used in combination with the NL-ix Metro Ethernet solutions.

By purchasing an NL-ix Port, most of the Peering and Community services become available for free, and/or additional Metro-Ethernet services will be much cheaper. Speeds of 100 Mbit/s, 1.000 Mbit/s and 10 Gbit/s can be provided.

See the current Global Transit Community members.
See our Pricing Sheet for the current charges.
See our BandMarket Product Guideline how this solution can be composed out of the NL-ix products.