Currently available at Denmark: Adaptive Transit

Adaptive Transit, currently available in Denmark, is a unique integrated solution which provides routes with the quality of pan-European peerings and the global reach of IP transit, all on a single port.

With direct routes from NL-ix route servers and single AS hop routes that NL-ix peers on behalf of customers on major exchanges such as AMS-IX, DECIX, NETNOD and LINX, one port provides customers with the best routes, with no need to negotiate the peerings. The service can easily cover over 80% of traffic needs, while remaining traffic can be routed through a mix of tier 1 upstream providers. Adaptive Transit can either be set up as a primary IP transit, or as an altogether better class of backup.

The highly cost-effective solution is delivered over a single metered port with commit and burst. Peering and routing prefixes are redundantly covered within the transit sessions. With multiple sessions to geographically diverse routers and route servers, Adaptive Transit also provides built-in redundancy.