Private Peering

Apart from Public Peering over a shared peering infrastructure (VLAN), NL-ix also offers the option to set up a one-on-one secure Private Peering between parties over different datacenters.

A big advantage of setting up a Private Peering, over Public Peering, is that it is a dedicated solution, and therefor more secure and easier to manage.

We offer three Private Peering solutions based on our Metro products portfolio:

Over Metro Ethernet

Advantages of Private Peering based on a Metro Ethernet(VLAN) solution is that the costs, especially for smaller traffic volumes, are low and the same port can be reused for multiple Private Peerings, as well as Public Peering and other NL-ix Peering and Community Services.

OnePort™ concept
As almost all of our services, the NL-ix Private Peering over Metro Ethernet can be delivered via the NL-ix OnePort™. This port is the basic product for all NL-ix Peering and Community solutions and can also be used in combination with other NL-ix Metro Ethernet solutions.

By purchasing an NL-ix Port, most of the Peering and Community services become available for free, and/or additional Metro-Ethernet services will be much cheaper. Port speeds of 100 Mbit/s, 1.000 Mbit/s can be provided.

For Private Peering (Ethernet only) in combination with a NL-ix OnePort™:

Over Dedicated Metro service

Over Metro Wave

A (managed) Metro Wave is a very cost-effective way of Private Peering, compared to a Metro Fiber based solutions, while it still offers the same advantages of dedicated, transparant capacitity without the potential disadvantages of switch infrastructure that is used in a Metro Ethernet solution. A Metro Wave is delivered on standard (grey) lasers, so there is no worry about fiber distance.

Over Metro Fiber

Metro Fiber capacity is the most dedicated form of capacity available, and very well suited for the highest capacities.

For (Metro products based) dedicated Private Peering: